Support Group for Anxiety-Panic Disorder

Circle Duration

October – December 2020

Event Programme

Days and times to be decided by the majority of the interested parties.


Parnithos 3, Office 201 Aglantzia 2102 Nicosia


A new cycle is starting for the Support Group meetings for Anxiety/Panic Disorder. 

The Anxiety/Panic Disorder Support Group is primarily destined to support people who are experiencing anxiety and other related disorders.  In a milieu characterised by confidentiality, self-respect, mutual respect, mutual support, empathic listening and unconditional positive regard, as the Facilitator, I assist group members to accept the fact that, even though anxiety attacks can be powerful physical, psychological and emotional experiences, they occur for specific reasons.

All of you who will register up to Friday, 6th of  September 2019, will be granted a 15% reduction for September.

Understanding these reasons can help them exercise control over anxiety attacks rather than the other way around.  Group members are provided with educational material which helps them to understand the reasons for their anxiety.

Furthermore, I encourage them to share experiences which leads them to realise that they are not alone.  Also, I teach them different techniques which enable them to handle their problems and achieve peace of mind.

Group size: 8 to 12 people

You may read more information about how this support group works on its webpage.


State two days and times that suit you


Participation Cost

€150.00 prepaid for each three-month cycle

Spoken Language

Greek & English

Registrations accepted until:

1st June - 15th September 2020

If the maximum number of the 12 group members has not been reached upon initial enrollment date, then the Groups shall remain open for the next two weeks to accept more members.


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