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Topic:  How to study in order to achieve good results (first part)

Speaker: Gabriella Philippou, Psychotherapist-Counsellor, Focusing Experiential Therapist, Coach, Trainer

Date:   Sunday, 10th October 2021

Time:   3.30 – 5.00 p.m.  (it includes 10 minutes break and 15 minutes for questions)

Pre-paid participation cost:  Parents: 12 Euros   Children (10-12 years old): 10 Euros

Applications for participation:  Until Thursday, 7th October 2021

  • The importance of studying
  • How do I handle myself when I arrive at school
  • How do I behave in the classroom
  • When do I solve my queries
  • The importance of consistency in studying
  • What is the role of projects – studies
  • The choice of a space for my home study
  • What do I do when I share my study space
  • What do I do before I start my daily studying
  • Which conditions must be present in order to enjoy benefits from my studying
  • How do I organize my studying?
  • What role does my diet play in my school/academic performance
  • Which nutritional supplements support my concentration
  • How does adequate sleep benefit learning
  • How does movement benefit learning

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