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In today’s fast-changing world, education cannot but be more and more valued. The better one is educated and the more highly skilled one is, the better one can cope with life’s demands.

Parents are, undoubtedly, the people with the greatest influence on the choice of studies that their teenagers will pursue. Consequently, parental responsibility towards their children is great. How can parents help their children in this critical decision that concerns their very future?

As a Vocational Orientation – Career Counsellor, I shall be by the parents’ and their children’s side in order to offer them correct and reliable information, guidance and support – key factors in the choice of studies. The Vocational Orientation Programme offers the possibility to young people to get to know in depth part of the characteristics that form their personality, the fields in which they present skills as well as those in which they have an interest.

14 Year Olds

All students, at approximately the age of 14+, are called upon to take a decision of extreme importance for their future. They are required to select specific subjects (branches of studies) at school which, eventually, pave the way to the professional field. With an in-depth vocational guidance, the possibilities of taking wrong decisions are largely reduced.

Through the right choice of subjects, students will be guided to the profession where they will have the greatest possibilities of having a successful career and of being happy.

Counselling for High School Graduates

The Vocational Orientation Programme also encompasses a component that deals exclusively with the question that graduates of secondary education often face as to which field of tertiary studies is best to pursue as well as which university would be the most appropriate choice for them.

Apart from offering assistance which enables them to resolve this dilemma, they can also be helped with the writing of their personal statement for submission to universities. Furthermore, they are trained for their personal interviews, in case this is a requirement for their university entry.

Vocational Orientation Counselling

Apart from the personal interview which advisees have with me, Vocational Orientation focuses on the administration of certain tests which examine their personality, their values, their skills and their interests.

The result of this close examination is the recognition and the detection of specific professional directions which suit the personality, the skills and the interests of the advisees. The said results are incorporated into a written report which is delivered and explained to the advisees in the presence of their parents.

Change of Career

The strong desire of the tertiary education graduates, to secure a job immediately, sometimes leads them to take hasty, initial decisions as to what academic studies to pursue. Quite often, upon their completion, young graduates tend to make unsuitable professional choices. In such cases, they are helped through counselling, which encompasses a variety of tools, to take the most appropriate decision regarding career change and/or further studies. If the need arises, advisees are also assisted with the compilation of their curriculum vitae and the production of their application letter (s) to potential employers.
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