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Gordon Allport

Biographical data Gordon Allport was born in Montezuma, Indiana, in 1897. As his father was a country doctor, Gordon Allport grew up among patients and nurses and all the equipment of a tiny hospital. He […]

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Sibling quarrels

A mother tells me, “To some extent, I enjoy my daughters’ quarrels during which they say terrible things to each other: ‘I have decided not to have a sister any more. I will tell my […]

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Child and Self-Esteem

Definition of self-esteem Self-esteem is the set of “beliefs” or impressions we have of ourselves. The way we define ourselves influences our attitudes and behaviours and has a direct impact on the management of our […]

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Children’s cognitive development

Children’s cognitive development Written by Gabriella Philippou, Psychotherapist-Counsellor, Focusing Experiential Therapist, Trainer Coach Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development aims at explaining how a child constructs a mental model of the world. Piaget’s work supports that […]

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Human behavior in the workplace

Understanding Human Behaviour Human behaviour is complex. Relationships between individuals are complex because each individual responds to stimuli according to unique perceptions associated with the spiritual, physical, and social dimensions of behaviour. Transactions between people, [...]
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The secret of happiness

Simple steps on how to be a HAPPY and FUNCTIONAL human being “One should have one thing: either a soul which is by its very nature happy or a soul which is made happy by […]

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