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The aim of this unique in its kind programme, “I love animals – I respect the Environment” is to enrich the children’s knowledge and, at the same time, to cultivate further their abilities and skills through pleasant and interesting activities, leading to personal development.

The children will understand that humans are a part of the wider ecosystem and that human beings – animals – environment constitute an inseparable relationship which we must respect and develop.

I Love Animals – I Respect The Environment


Programme Description

The Goals of the Programme

The basic goals of the Programme are to assist the participants:

1.To become acquainted with the characteristics and the habits of some animals (house pets, farm as well as wild animals) and to become aware of the special relationships that develop between them and the human beings

2.To learn about the physiology as well as the nutritional needs of some animals

3.To learn about the socialisation, the obedience and the caring of their pets

4.To discuss the dangers that threaten the life or the integrity of animals in urban centres and not only

5.To experience the different kinds of relationships that develop between humans and animals through Literature, History and the Arts

6.To reflect on and discuss the importance of pet animals in human life and the problems arising from their cohabitation

7.To discuss their positive emotions which are born through their cohabitation with their pets

8.To discuss the negative emotions which they experienced or are experiencing with problems that have arisen either from illness or from the loss of their pets

The benefits

Through their participation in this programme, children cultivate the willpower to protect the rights of the animals as well as the environment. They acquire the ability to express their emotions and thoughts about the animals.

The children will understand that human beings – animals – environment constitute an inseparable relationship which we must respect and develop.

Running of the Programme – Addition

Running of the Programme

The programme is offered each year, through weekly meetings, from September to June. Additionally, part of the programme is offered throughout the summer months. Furthermore, it is useful to mention that I offer Experiential Thematic Workshops for children during their Christmas and Easter school holidays.

Apart from the foresaid, part of the programme is offered during the summer months where it alternates with the Programme, “A Journey Into The World Of Emotions And Knowledge”.

Programme Languages: Greek and English

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