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First of all, I consider it important to mention that any form of empowerment takes place within the context of improving living conditions, levels and rates of development, historical events and, in general, the global perspective in relation to the human being himself/herself.

I offer the Women’s Empowerment Programme because as its Facilitator-Trainer, I strongly believe that women around the world are held back from reaching their full potential for many different reasons. Characteristically, I would like to mention that the more economically, socially, spiritually and politically women are empowered, the more self-confidence they have in expressing their thoughts and their claims. Undoubtedly, this leads to them becoming more productive and active in their lives and, thus, contributing not only to their personal flourishing but, also, to the further development of society. Unfortunately, today’s social structures, even in developed countries, are still patriarchal in nature. Consequently, as human history has largely recorded so far, the system of government is based on power and control rather than on real human values and ideals. Within such a system, there is the so-called visible and invisible glass ceiling for women. Therefore, women cannot advance in their workplace, and not only, beyond a point. Due to this, women are marginalized as all power circles that affect their lives are still controlled, to a very large extent, by men. Taking the above into account, I would like to emphasize, once again, that empowering women in all aspects of their lives will bring the necessary balance that the entire planet needs. Undoubtedly, it will help to promote structures that will be more progressive, creative and constructive which are characterized by the respect they hold for human beings as well as for the environment and nature.

The structure of the Programme
The Women’s Empowerment Programme revolves around four central axes related to health – mental, physical, spiritual and economic. Within this context, we will occupy ourselves with the biology, the psychology and the spirituality of the female life cycle as well as to how the economic conditions, prevailing locally and internationally, affect each of us and what we could do about it. Regarding the first three axes, among others, we will talk about the following:

  • Becoming a Woman: From Adam’s Rib to Eve’s Chromosomes
  • Early Childhood: From Empathy to Interdependence
  • Middle Childhood: The logic of the heart
  • Adolescence: Snow White Falls Asleep, But Awakens to Herself
  • A Home of One’s Own: The Psychobiology of Mating and Motherhood
  • The Age 30 Transitions: New Realities, New Plans
  • Healing and Balance: Spinning Straw into Gold
  • The Midlife Metamorphosis: Authenticity, Power, and the Emergence of the Guardian
  • From Herbs to HRT: A Mindful Approach to Menopause
  • The Heart of a Woman: Feminine Power and Social Action
  • Wisdom’s Daughters: Creating a New Integral Culture
  • The Gifts of Change: Resiliency, Loss, and Growth
  • Recapitulating Our Lives: Generativity, Retrospection, and Transcendence

I would like to inform you that, for each cycle of the Programme, I will offer and facilitate a three-day Retreat for experiential workshops, relaxation, rest and, of course, for the further strengthening of the relationship of all participants, giving an opportunity to all of us to talk about our experiences and our personal growth. All relevant details concerning the dates of its implementation, the cost of participation as well as the venue will be announced directly to the participants.

Program: 3 independent cycles
During 2023, the Programme for English-speakers will be offered online, on Mondays, in three self-contained cycles as follows:
(a) First Cycle: Monday, January 9th – Monday, March 27th 2023, from 18:30 – 20:00 hrs
(b) Second Cycle: Monday, April 3rd – Monday, June 26th 2023, from 18:30 – 20:00 hrs
(c) Third Cycle: Monday, September 4th – Monday, November 27th 2023, from 18:30 – 20:00 hrs

Group Size
Please note that the size of each group will not exceed 9 people. In the event that this number is not reached, at the start of the group, the specific group will remain open to accept new entries up to three weeks after the start of its operation.

Participation fee
The cost of each cycle is Euro 300,00 (Euro three hundred). The participants are invited to prepay each cycle in 3 equal, non-refundable monthly installments as follows:

  • First installment upon your registration
  • Two installments of Euros 100,00 (Euro one hundred) each as specified in the participation form of each cycle
    Kindly bear in mind that, in case you withdraw from the Programme, the above amounts are not refundable.
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