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Becoming familiar with the functions of your brain so as to attain your goals

The brain is divided into two spheres, linked by a bunch of nerves, each of which has specific mental activities and functions associated with it. Further, the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and vice versa. The working of the brain may be shown as follows:

Left Hemisphere (Right Side of the Body)

  • Speech/verbal
  • Logical, mathematical
  • Linear, detailed
  • Sequential
  • Controlled
  • Intellectual
  • Dominant
  • Worldly
  • Active
  • Analytic
  • Reading,Writing,Naming
  • Sequential ordering
  • Perception of significant order
  • Complex motor sequences

Right Hemisphere (Left Side of Body)

  • Spatial/musical
  • Holistic
  • Artistic, symbolic
  • Simultaneous
  • Emotional
  • Intuitive, creative
  • Minor (quiet)
  • Spiritual
  • Receptive
  • Synthetic, Gestalt
  • Facial recognition
  • Simultaneous comprehension
  • Perception of abstract patterns
  • Recognition of complex figures

Invention is a right brain function. The right hemisphere synthesizes patterns from diverse-looking data. It has the capacity to consider many facts at a time without the need to sequence them. It is non- judgemental, and conclusions can be based on incomplete patterns, feelings and visual images. Furthermore, the right brain has access to a longer-term memory than the left, which means that a greater number of experiences and facts become available during the thought process.

The left brain is responsible for verbalising. It analyses the nature of patterns and applies an organized approach to thinking, using symbols and members in a logical thought process. When the left brain is dominant, creativity is stifled. If you are having difficulty in thinking creatively, try this:

  • Seek to reduce the left brain activity. This could be achieved through the performance of repetitive activities, such as physical exercise.
  • Try to manipulate brain wave activity by performing right-brain functions, such as visualisation, experiencing intense feeling and, of course, day dreaming.
  • Neuro-scientists have established that, when the airflow is predominantly through the right nostril, greater relative amplitudes of EEG activity are found in the left hemisphere and vice versa. Therefore, by closing your left nostril and forcibly breathing through your right, you will shift your thinking process from the left side brain (cognitive, mathematical) to the right brain (creative, intuitive).

Planning your goals

In this economic crisis, people seem to be confused and at a loss as to what further steps to take in their life in order to reach their goals. To emerge from this labyrinth, simply take a sheet of paper and write down what you would like to do. Once you complete this task, think as to which of these wishes may be attainable in your remaining lifespan. Then, taking the objectives which you believe are feasible, work backwards and plan their materialization by deciding what actions to take on a short-term as well as on a long-term basis. Thereafter, keep them clearly established by evaluating and monitoring your progress as well as altering your plans, whenever this may deem necessary. Flexibility is indeed a very important tool which will assist you to reach your goals. Undoubtedly, frequent evaluation of your progress and watching closely what happens in your professional field and, generally, on the local and world market, will enable you to notice the opportunities which are available to you and, in this way, directly increase the likelihood of attaining your objectives and, thus, add to your life enrichment.

Written by Gabriella Philippou, Psychotherapist-Counsellor, Focusing Experiential Therapist, Trainer, Coach

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