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Make Maturity Your Goal

Undoubtedly, each one of us feels complimented to hear that we are considered mature by others as maturity is a coveted condition because it increases our prestige, our value as a citizen and, certainly, our charm as a person. Furthermore, it enriches our life as it contributes to its serenity, constancy and happiness.

Why prejudice, superstition and fear are not traceable in a mature person?


First of all, a mature person is not prejudiced as s/he is aware that prejudice is unfair to others and to oneself. It is worth mentioning that a behaviour based on prejudice may bring much injustice to others as well as to the person that exercises it. Withholding judgement, until all the facts are known, helps one to come as close to the truth as possible and, thus, take a more prudent decision.


The mature person has no time for superstition. As a matter of fact, s/he recognizes that superstitions are a legacy of the past when ignorance and illogical thinking were rife. It is worth pointing out that knowledge and sane thinking free each one of us from the fears and restrictions that superstitions would impose. Furthermore, the mature person recognises that s/he ignorant of many things and that is the reason for making constant efforts to extend one’s knowledge. A mature person detests the one-track mind and the parochial outlook. One’s journey for self-improvement is reflected through one’s wide range of interests and one’s arduous efforts to become a well-rounded person.


The person that acquires maturity seeks to eradicate fear from one’s life. The mature person always “moves towards” one’s fellow human beings by trying to comprehend their behaviour and rationale. The mature person does not nurture any fears for one’s health. One’s temperate life, his good relationships with others, plus his refusal to worry, have brought him to a state of good health in which he is confident he will remain.

The mature person has no fears for his future because he has taken all the possible steps to provide for it. For the rest, he has sufficient confidence in himself – and in life – to know there is no cause for anxiety.

What traits are immediately noticeable in a mature person?


The mature person does not suffer from homophobia or xenophobia . Furthermore, s/he accepts any person regardless of colour, creed or status. Simultaneously, s/he recognizes that there is more than one way of looking at every question. Due to this positive attitude, s/he lays no claim to a monopoly of the truth. Maturity keeps him/her from being cocksure, domgmatic, conceited, proud. The mature person’s motto is “Live and let live!”


When one has reached maturity of mind, one is not so preoccupied with oneself so as to be regardless of the comfort and feelings of others. The mature person is strongly characterised by empathy as s/he has the ability to place oneself in other people’s shoes and, therefore, one reacts accordingly.


Maturity enables a person to view a situation impartially and unselfishly. A mature person is willing to lose, to be overlooked if it furthers the interests and happiness of others. A mature person is a grounded person. S/he assesses his/her skills and abilities impartially and does not engage in mock modesty.


The mature person is single-minded, reliable and master of his moods. Furthermore, s/he is hard- working and a visionary.

Cheerfulness and Positivity

The mature person keeps cheerful and thinks positively at all times. S/he bears no grudges or allows hatred to fester within. Despite any reprimands that s/he may sustain, s/he does not sulk and s/he can lose with good grace. Shunning self-pity, a mature person takes full responsibility for his/her actions and does not seek scapegoats.

Written by Gabriella Philippou, Psychotherapist-Counsellor, Focusing Experiential Therapist, Trainer, Coach

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