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Write-up on Memory

WHY WE SHOULD KNOW HOW MEMORY WORKS ? Understanding the physiology of memory is the ultimate challenge to neuroscience research. It is, indeed, through the hard work conducted in this field that we have managed [...]
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Reiss’s Sociological Theory of Sexuality

Ira L. Reiss, who developed the Sociological Theory of Sexuality, is a sociologist specializing in the study of human sexuality. Reiss was born in New York City on 8th December 1925. Having served in the [...]
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What is Sleep?

Sleep is briefly defined as a particular loss of consciousness characterized by a variety of behavioural and neurophysiological effects. It is worth mentioning that the best research on human sleep is carried out in a [...]
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The Autonomic Nervous System

The Autonomic Nervous System is part of the Peripheral Nervous System which also includes the Somatic System.  Deriving its name from the fact that many of the activities it controls are autonomous or self-regulating, the […]

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The Scourge of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The World Health Organisation reports that each year some 340 million new cases of syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis occur in men and women aged 15-49. Overall, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) prevalence rates continue to […]

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